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Civil Rights

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Are you suffering from discrimination or harassment?

Civil Rights law was the origin of this firm's legal practice. Having worked with Johnnie Cochran as Managing Director of his own firm, Mr. Ferrer has extensive litigation experience in this practice area. 

He is available to consult and provide legal services related to:

  • Discrimination in Housing and Employment

  • Police Misconduct

  • Race Discrimination 

  • Disability Discrimination

  • Age Discrimination

  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination

  • Sexual Harassment 

Contact us today for a free consultation about your case. 


"Eric Ferrer was my attorney in a complicated case involving two universities and The National Science Foundation. I needed to find an attorney who was ethical, principled, and someone I could trust to mentor and protect me and who would base our arguments and statements on provable facts with records and data to support those facts. Eric Ferrer was that person.


He is concerned with the rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality. He is a tenacious advocate for fairness and justice – a soft-spoken, kind, brilliant man who knows the law and he does not rest until he has examined every aspect, every document, every possibility, every fact in the case.


Eric Ferrer has an uncanny sense of the character of another because he pays careful attention and he listens intently – and, he prevails. He is balanced, thoughtful and direct in stressful situations and his formidable clarity does not waver. Our case settled out-of-court.  Thank you, Eric Ferrer!"

– Judith Vergun, PhD



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